Friday, July 8, 2011

Too Much of Anything...

When closure comes too soon, I wonder whether I miss having that ray of hope that maybe one day, things will be.....but then again, who ever got a second chance at building their faith?

We're all fighting to keep something alive in us. Tragically, it's the only part of us we can't manage to save. Because we're all destined to be someone, to be some way, to do something and to have things happen to us, to make us what we're meant to be.

I might have been able to show others the way, but I can't seem to figure out when I lost my own. I used to be stuck in a whirlpool of memories that would keep me going round and round in the same old circles.....but I know I felt someone pull me out. I know that because for a change it wasn't just a weak tug at the broken strings of my heart, but a force that stretched those tiny strands of feelings I had in me, only to weave them into the happiness I wore over myself for the most unforgettable months of my life.

If there's something you should know, it's that too much of anything can be too much. If I'm sill alive, it's because I didn't have enough time to build the memories that could kill me...

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