Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some things are just best left unsaid....

The Seasons change, and the comforting autumn winds give way to winter. But nothing will ever come close the feeling of that first winter when you left your naked heart out in the cold with nothing but the warmth from the fire in the hearth of love. And the seasons change every year, the winds still carry the memories that hover over your concealed smiles, and the heat of passion is like the lost dreams of summer in a land that's always trying to find the grass beneath it's cover of ice.


nil said...

I remember you texting me this one, and me reading it thrice before replying cause it was just so goddamn beautiful.
Gorgeous,sweets. As always :-)

Prateek said...

Been ages since you blogged. Welcome back. :)
Post label explains it all; beautiful.

nil said...

^I know right?


Sourav said...

Indeed, some things as beautiful are best left unsaid :)

Splatters Of Ink said...

Thank You Nil and Prateek! :)
Yes, I'm back. For a while now! :)
I've missed my blog too!

Sourav, :)