Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Shit!

It's been months since I've LIKED a guy. The only reason why I've put that in bold is because, thinking about some other hot guy and obsessing over his amazingly good looks and talking about him to my girlfriends wasn't the plan for the past few months.I was FAR from getting attracted to the guys my friends talked about/obsessed over... Oh wait! Correction! LIGHT YEARS!

No, it's definitely not me to be like that. Considering my short attention span and my history with guys who I've lost interest in, in a couple of days... It's totally abnormal. Considering the fact that I've always been the kind of person to question someone who's been in a relationship for more than a couple of months and have been the one discouraging people who think they've found love.. Geez! I'm so afraid of commitment!

Well, that's not the point! It had been months since I'd felt something for a guy. And a couple of days ago, I felt a hint of the first few feelings that later on turn into something bigger. But in my case, they usually never get bigger than that. And well, though I know that the feeling isn't going to stay for too long, it simply feels good to be the old me again. I like texting him. I like talking about the most random shit everrr! I like NOT talking about serious issues.. Except for when he's absolutely sloshed and can't help but rant on about the most random shit ever..  with a hint of his post break up scene here and there. Yes, my luck to have a crush on a guy who just broke up with his girlfriend who he was in a relationship with for 20 months AND WHOSE NAME HE HAS ON HIS SHOULDER! YES, HE GOT HER NAME INKED ON HIMSELF! Sheesh!

Sometimes I feel people like doing the mistake of committing themselves to something they cannot keep up with or fulfill. Which is why I'm very open about the things I can or cannot handle. And so I don't find myself committing to one thing or anything for that matter very easily. But I can keep up with what I commit myself to. That I'm sure of. 

You know, I've come to realize, life is all about the choices you make among the options you have. Options gives us the chance to be right or wrong.. our choices decide who we are.. whether WE'RE right or wrong. I've never really had to make a lot of choices in life.  *Touchwood* But then again, I know I would never compromise on some things in life. I don't care what's at stake, but some things.. can NEVER be compromised on.

So right now, I like the feeling of liking someone. It isn't anything HUGE! That much I'll admit.. And I know that in a couple of days I'll be calling out "NEEEEEEEXT" but what the hell, Imma enjoy till it lasts... as long as it lasts! :D


Priyanka Banerjee said...

Ah. Well, have fun! ;)

you think you have a problem??? I havent had a crush on a guy since class nine! and that too lasted for a month :O
Maybe Im a lesbian :P
(not that ive had a crush on any girl or anything!)

Splatters Of Ink said...

Priyankaaaa! :D

Stop lying. I know you have a thing for me! Bi-sexual is the word! LOL!

And shit man! Since 9th grade? That's bad! Let's so check out some hottays! :D

Jeweliot said...

so are you over the inked guy?

Godddd how do people ink their bodies with someone else's name at that age!!

hmm to each his own!

i'd love my guy to do that though he he he

Splatters Of Ink said...

Naaa... His abs are way too HOT for that! ;D

I have no idea why the hell anybody would do that!!! It's going to be there FOREVER now! Thank God it's in Chinese! *Phew!*

Anonymous said...

*Laughs out REALLY loud*

Splatters Of Ink said...

^ :P