Monday, August 23, 2010


Her name came with a set of beliefs and misbeliefs. There were some whose hopeless faith in her was carried by winds of weakness, sometimes of over-confidence and self-reliance. They didn't believe she was there; regarded her as a fictional element of dreamers, poets and writers who found peace in her unearthly existence; found peace in a world of their own making where shewas there.. everywhere, fixing their mistakes, not her own.

And there were those, whose faith in her kept dying and coming to life, time and again, just as things went right or wrong, just as life went up and down. It couldn't stay. It was worse than not being believed in at all. The blame, the curses, the harshness and indifference to her love. She cared. Always did and despite the brutality, always would. But there were some things she couldn't control-The fruits of their actions. It was hard to disobey the one above her, the one who drew her path, the path she would follow without a single question asked. The path-they didn't believe would always end in its best way. Sometimes they just gave up before she reached the end destined for them.

She was Destiny. And no matter what, she was always there with them and for them. She kept her biggest and strongest promise-to help them fulfill theirs. She broke links and connections they'd tried so hard to throw out of their lives and kept those that weredestined to be entangled forever. The one above her was fair and just, he drew her path in the very same way.

I believe in you DESTINY!

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