Saturday, August 28, 2010

Because I can still live the memories...

It drives me crazy sometimes.. The touch of your hand.. your breath against my lips.. the warmth of your skin, a sheer contrast to the chill of mine... The way you complain about it...  the way you shiver a small breath when I touch you. Hard to believe they're memories.. And you thought I didn't remember details?

Sometimes when I lie in bed.. I can almost feel my stomach tie itself in knots at the thought of having seen you one evening... one of those evenings I will always remember.. talking about anything and everything... simply being able to smile at fate and the randomness of it all... I have to admit, it still surprises me!

I look around me to see everything throw memories-both pleasant and bitter- at me.. I catch every one of them because there's an innocence to them. I can almost smile at how I felt in the beginning.. how I'd over-think stuff.. again lie to myself just to stop myself from thinking ... And guess what.. I still fell into the well... Somehow drowning at first felt nice... Pulling myself out of the well was what drained me the most.

I'm not allowing myself to write anymore right now! Just know that.. You made me smile.. And at the same time, you made me discover this part of me I didn't think I had.. A part that knows what I had never known. I just wish it hadn't ended in tears.


nil said...

I know. I know it too well, shivangi sud.

and the last three lines.. yes, its a part of you you never knew.
And yes, you smiled for what happened.
and the tears will dry up, they're just water- at the end of the day.

i love you :)

Splatters Of Ink said...

Closure. It's all I need.