Saturday, October 2, 2010


I don't know if I'm a good kisser.

I have absolutely NO IDEA whether good looking guys think I'm appealing or not.

I'm sick of not being able to find a good-looking guy who can speak grammatically correct English.

Blah Blah Blah.. Bleh Bleh Bleh!

The year's almost coming to an end! :O
Wow... It's been such a sucky year. I know I'm going to end up bitching about it. Sigh!!! I'm going to be in 12th grade soon. And then school's going to be over and life as it is will change.

And then... Friends might stay. They might go their own ways.

I've lost my best friend... Nevermind. People come and people go. Can't really tie them down or anything.

I've been hearing things about myself. They aren't true.

Some people are just disappointments. Because there's a difference in the things they say and the things they do.

Some people never leave... No matter how much you want them to.

Some people aren't really a part of your life... But their presence in the world makes a difference to you.

Some people can never be forgotten. Fortunately or Unfortunately.

Sometimes I get the weirdest feeling. A feeling that tells me I'm going to meet some people some day... A day very, very, very far from today... I don't think it'll happen.. but I just get the feeling!

I want pleasant dreams tonight.



Anonymous said...

Gee I would think all those lovely girls are with you because you were a certified good kisser! :P

Isn't it a great feeling to be finally in the 12th grade real soon? But then, you might want to study a bit to actually get there right?

Splatters Of Ink said...

Lovely girls?
They're like my sisters! :|
So they don't count. Sigh. :P

12th Grade? Real soon? NO WAY!
12th grade means stepping out of school soon. It means growing up. It means I have to leave so much behind because I have to make my place in the world. I love being a kid. :)

Rish Jain said...

Well, I am not much known, but I like your concept of blogging the random quotations of your on-track-life..
And its good to step out from your childhood-shell, there are many things you'd die to discover.

Seek out for something soothing and you might relay very positive act of your ADULT LIFE..

nil said...

"I want pleasant dreams tonight".

My favorite line of all.


Splatters Of Ink said...

@Rish: Thank You! :)
I'm sure there's a lot in store for me. And I'm waiting to find out.

@Nil, Sigh! :)

Rish Jain said...

SUrely there is, make sure you purchase most of it ;)

Splatters Of Ink said...