Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm simply pissed off today. No, really! I am.

Why can't people be on time? WHY? (I admit I'm late too. But SOMETIMES! That's excusable, mind you! )

Why can't I be forgiven for making mistakes almost every second teenager makes? Oh come on! Coming home drunk with your parents around.. It happens, okay! (Yes, getting violent and abusive with them and shouting at your gate is another story... BUT I WAS DRUNK FOR GOD'S SAKE! I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT I WAS SAYING OR DOING) And it was only the second time I was drunk in my life. Cut me some slack! I've learned my lesson. I can't handle alcohol.. Who else would get drunk on 4 shots.. and a couple of gulps of beer and vodka mixed together? And who the fuck gave me beer and Vodka? That doesn't even sound tempting!

So, I'm grounded. And for some reason EVERYONE.. I mean EVERYONE knows that I was drunk at Karaoke and I screwed up big time.. and threw lemon juice on the waiter.. and I'm banned entry at Cafe One and there's no way I can ever go there again. Not even for hookah! :| Did I mention I'm not allowed to move out of my house for more than two hours and am not supposed to be more than fifteen minutes from home? Yeah.. which corresponds to me not being able to attend the MOST awaited and happening party in town.. which happens to be tonight. And the fact that ALL my friends are going to be there.. Just PISSES me off!

Did I mention NO NIGHT PARTIES! :'(

This is ELEVENTH GRADE!! SHIT HAPPENS! Does anybody else realize that?

Oh.. Yes.. I'm flunking Math for the first time in my life. And that is the biggest blow I've gotten in years. I need to start taking my academics seriously otherwise the only reason my teachers respect me.. is gonna go down the drain. And plus, I like studying (As weird as that sounds.. Yes, I do! )

I feel like writing something deep.. But I can't! Because I feel so hollow sometimes..

The party is going on right now! Shit shit SHIIIIIIIIT! I want to sneak out.. But I'm shit scared!

I haven't gone for the Durga Puja this year. I go every year.

I'm absolutely broke. I have no reason why. Because I haven't gone out in the last fifteen days. Or anywhere I'd need a lot of money! Trust me Barista doesn't take more than 200! Because I don't like coffee.. and I can't have more than one Dark Temptation!

I NEED NEW MUSIC! Preferably Electronic Dance Music and Trance!

My headphones got spoiled and I had to throw them. I can't listen to my ipod anymore! :'( Why now?

Jealousy is an amusing emotion only when you see others getting burnt to black toast! :|

Aisha is playing on TV! Gtg and catch this one, cuz I'm not even allowed to go to Citywalk!



Jeweliot said...

O-oh! that's a really bad day!

my sympathies ! it suck big time when all your friends are out partying and you have to sit at home and sulk!

Splatters Of Ink said...

I know! :|

Scribbling Girl said...

I was grounded for months thanks to my family disliking me being in a relation...I was jailed literally...when bro was arnd i wasnt even allowed to go to market as she will be on call if she did :|
It sucks big time gal i know....I found ways out but those 6 months shucks......but don't worry they r parents....just do great in one thing like a good grade or something and things will be relaxed....just make them trust u so they know u wouldn't repeat....Rest i know the feeling.....

Arjit Srivastava said...

Let me tell you, I am one of those fuckers who dares to say "no" to every decision made for me. But, that doesn't mean that I don't respect them. I do. I seriously do. All I make sure is, to explain how I feel about a particular thing to them. And then, they're probably cool with it. (I am just too good at convincing people, dad's a lawyer - natural trait!)

Life is already hard enough for everyone in this world, and I suppose, to say something more cheerful. However, I do not write for sympathies. I just want people to know that they should keep the faith that they deserve a happy life created by self. Show the white flags in front of the shadows of the past.

My life sucks because I made it this way. But you may be different. Shit happens, okay? Move on! And failing in Maths in class eleventh? Cmon, who doesn't? I scored 94.8% in my 10th, and scored 84% in my 11th. YES, failing in Maths included. ;) Science? Commerce? Doesn't matter. You ought to give yourself a kick back, and start moving on.

And if you ever want someone to kick your ass like some shit, and make you understand crap, you already know how to contact me! :p

A toast to your fucked up life with beer and vodka. Cheers!? :P

Neeha said...

Doesn't bear and vodka sound tempting?/I don't know..But I like this phrase 'And who the fuck gave me beer and Vodka? That doesn't even sound tempting!'
Yep I know house-arrest sucks!!
But just concentrate on your studies and be the first in the ladder..
Everyone are gonna forget everythng...At least try it...
All the Best buddy..

Splatters Of Ink said...

Arjit, really.. I don't even have anything to say to that! Sheesh! That was quite something! :P

Cheers! :P

And Neha... Beer and Vodka don't sound tempting individually... Together.. They're messed up! :|

Trying to concentrate! :)

Priyanka Banerjee said...

Aaah. Thats some sad stuff.
Hang in there!

You dont like coffee??

My guinea pigs chewed on the wires of my headphones. They arent working either =/

Ve said...

This is the first time I'm commenting so.. my sympathies for the hangover .. tho it must have been bloody funny to watch you in your element!!

We've all done our fair share of crap in college.. you dont even want me to get started with my stories!! So dont let it get you down.. Your parents will ease up as the initial shock wears off.. you just gotta give it time to let things settle down.

Bottomline.. like you so eloquently put it.. Shit happens! ;) And it sometimes happens all at the same time, where everything seems to be falling apart. Thats life! :)

Splatters Of Ink said...

Priyanka, yeesh! That sounds bad! I can't live without listening to music! :|

Ve, true. Very true! :)

Neeha said...

Oouch!You misspelled my name....
Its 'Neeha' not Neha

Splatters Of Ink said...

Woopsies! Sorry Nehaa!

Unruly Rebel said...

ohh gal...dats sounds bad...cumin home drunk wen ur in 11th grade is somthing parents shud get used to with, still dey r parents, well keep rokin n keep postin...n trust me vodka tastes best wid vodka, keep it absolute, it works best... :P

Unruly Rebel said...

ohh gal...dats sounds bad...cumin home drunk wen ur in 11th grade is somthing parents shud get used to with, still dey r parents, well keep rokin n keep postin...n trust me vodka tastes best wid vodka, keep it absolute, it works best... :P

Splatters Of Ink said...

Hello Unruly Rebel! Well, you can't really blame them. They're parents like you said. But then again...

No alcohol for me EVER again.. Okay for a LONG time to come.

Unruly Rebel said...

well all d best...hope dat long ended last nyt... :D
n yeah, name is Namit... :)

Alpha Za said...

wow thats rough, cheer up. It could be worse. Think how useful these episodes will be when they decide to make a movie about you ;)

Splatters Of Ink said...

^LOL! =P