Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wohooooooo! =D

Finally even I have to deal with one of the worst things that could happen to a writer... Actually, calling myself a writer feels weird so I'll stick with blogger for now. Getting back to the problem. I'm having a really bad phase of writer's block. And it's not my fault. I just got over with my finals! See, that's reason enough. And my finals have gone horribly attendance at school is just teachers hate me.... Do I need another reason to think my promotion is at stake? =|

But but but... now that my finals are over and my report card is a few days away (I can't even begin to tell you how worried I am. Hardly any good schools take admissions in 12th Grade.), I'm going to make the most of my time!

Yesterday, when school got off, I went out with Puneeta and Unnati, sat in Toro for a bit and had free food and drinks because the owner is a friend (HA, I BET YOU'RE JEALOUS!). The place is new. AND GOOD! I was so impressed. The grilled chicken was bloody amazing. And the virgin mojitos were the best I've ever had. For anyone who's bothering to go through this post, go treat yourself. You won't regret it.

I got back home by nine thirty. Because I'd washed my hair after school, I was tired. Now, I know you're wondering what washing my hair has to do with that, so I must tell you, I get exhausted while washing my hair. I don't know why. I usually sleep for four hours straight once I'm done. But since I had to go out, I missed out on my "NAP" . So I slept early.. by eleven that is. For some weird reason I was wide awake by four thirty and was tossing in bed for the next hour. It was then that I decided to call Piyush. The guy's an owl and good company. But then again, he slept early for some reason too. But then my IPOD saved the morning. I started listening to some old lovey-dovey songs until I fell alseep listening to music.

Now, the best part of this rant.

Nilanjana came over this morning. By eleven we were out on the roads of Delhi. My sister and I went with her to this place called Pahadganj, ( I told my mom CP, =P ) and had the best photoshoot ever. I tried my hand at photography and I'd like to believe I wasn't too bad. I clicked some epic profilers for Nil and Shreeya! (Yes, I'm basking in the sun of self appreciation. =D ) We spent hours just taking random pictures of random things. It was something that Nilanjana and I had been planning for a long time. And though it wasn't just the both of us, I had an amazing time =)

The worst part of the day was Sam's cafe in pahadganj. Aye Haye! The thought of that place makes me sick. The food........... is not EDIBLE. And you know what, though the rest of the day was good, I hated wasting 360 BUCKS on that food (that I didn't eat). I ended up getting it packed and giving it to beggars What a waste. You want to know what my spaghetti looked like? Here's a tiny description. It was bland and oily and had home made butter and cheese just THROWN in as toppings. Ew.

But the metro rides were damn fun! Figuring the way out wasn't easy but we managed to come back in one piece. I think I could get used to stuff like this! =)

Anyway, I'm off!

Bye bye! =D


Priyanka Banerjee said...

My exams are ending soon. Im going to have a blast toooo!
Afterall, tujhse miloongi, tera special maggi bhi toh khaana hai (finally) :D
Oh, and thanks for mini reviews about the joints.
I love you.Oh yeah :)

Splatters Of Ink said...

^Priyankaaaa! =D
I have soo much to tell you.
Get over with your exams and come overrr! =D

chhipa said...

Really the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a fine example of it.
Huck Towel

aakash said...

oh.. I felt I was on some wrong blog for sometime :P
It just doesn't sound you, or may be the small part of you that I think I know
wantd 2 give you the blog award which u already got :|

anyways.. happy blogging!

The Blue Periwinkle said...

That was, indeed a awesome day!!

and the hair wash thingy, that happens to me too.

Splatters Of Ink said...

Chhipa, it sure is. =) Thank You.

Aakash, thank you so much for wanting to give me the blog award. Really appreciate it. =) More of my style on its way. =D

The Blue Periwinkle, I know right? =P

nil said...

Since you already know what I have to say about this, I'm not going to comment :)

P.S- updateeeeeeee! with a happy shappy post! :D